Saturday, July 11, 2009

Personal Poem

catching the rise

of the rhythm wave

out the door

wind hits left side

of my face

turn left on the avenue

a walk among the bogus


  1. I love poems that promise a good tv series, at least a pilot and ten episodes. And this one's got the right stuff. By a funny coincidence however Hollywood has stolen your idea here, before you even had it. In a way that spoils everything, in another way not.

    Mr. Bogus was a short-lived animated television series from the 1990s. Each episode was separated into two distinct parts, one using traditional cel-based animation and another using stop-motion. Characters often walked around on a kitchen counter having various adventures with common household items. I often do this myself, so I found the show easy to identify with.

    Mr. Bogus was a yellow gremlin-like creature living in the walls of the suburban home of Tommy Anybody, I liked to think of this as my own home. And indeed maybe it was. Mr. Bogus's duties consisted of alternately creating problems and/or accidentally solving them. Here again how like life. Sometimes Bogus adventured to his own world, Bogusland, a distorted alternate dimension of curved and warped perspective and bizarre plots. He often encountered the feared Dust bunnies known on the show as Dirt Dudes. The landscape of your poem hovers at the brink of being populated by hordes of these-- they're just around the corner.

    Based on a Dutch claymation character series of vignettes, Mr. Bogus was half-hour traditional series, each episode composed of three seven minute shorts relating to each other by a common theme with the original claymation vignettes serving as lead-ins to commercial breaks.

    Tagline: He's wild, he's cool, he's "Bogus."

    Mister Bogus

  2. I had the deepest of qualms about googling to test whether Tom's fantastic annotation of your poem was anything but the Borgesian dream I hoped it was. Having succumbed to temptation, I feel soiled by the dirt dudes of the internet, though I did spend a couple of minutes watching some really nice Mr. Bogus with Hebrew subtitles that in light of all the above, seemed vaguely biblical.

  3. The grand cargo of Mister Bogus authentication data I was about to post here for Alva's benefit earlier this evening was locked into my Draft files by what I learned--after a panic deletion of most of my working files--is a massive earth-wide failure of the "New, Improved" Gmail. So it turns out Mister Bogus is Sergei Brin, and Owen's poem has uncorked the genie bottle, and a gigantic dust dude in full beard is rolling around on the floor somewhere in Silicon Valley, LOL'ing in Hebrew subtitles and making horrible smiley faces from Hell. But hey, it's all good. Just trust it. Here's to poetry!

  4. At least you're not leaving the old Cody's on Fourth street. The bogus have a choke hold down there.

    (Don't forget to link le Flaneur)

  5. p.s. My verification word was "calowns"

  6. You-tubing Mr. Bogus--there's a bar band by that name that does a nice cover of "Badge", the old Cream song. Singer/guitarist is Randall "the rooster". Is that a reference to a character in the series?

    Ray Man--you have been linked. Quite right about 4th street--the bogus run there like zombies in a bad movie.

  7. O-man,
    not to kvetch but
    the Flaneur link sent me to Lapland.

  8. Ray Man--

    Fixed it. What a difference a typo makes! Iceland Flaneur!